"What a Piece of Work is Man!
How Noble in Reason! How Infinite in Faculties!"

William Shakespeare

Beyond Persuation To The Power Of Inducement

7 Fundementals of Human Behavior

Seeing behavior through the lens of energy

“Personal Energy and the Ideal Team”
It would be easier for us if people were all one way or another.

Are You Normal?

An Ideal Society - Career Freedom

The key to living well

Being in the “Zone”

Getting rid of the flies

Is it valid?

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Understanding human nature better… how and why people do what they do.

Discover Your Personal Energy Profile.

Viewing behavior through the lens of energy. There are four Workstyle Energies that are examined in three different ways called Facets of behavior. There are three facets or modes of behavior. We express our energy in three ways…

  • We have a comfort level energy profile of how we see ourselves most of the time getting what we want.
  • We can change the way we use energy by adapting to different situations to get what we want.
  • We have a source of energy that is spontaneous and functions automatically getting results.

In all cases, your workstyle energies determine how you use your energy to get things done. This is your Personal Energy Profile.

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Know Thyself

Knowing your strengths is no longer a suggestion, it is a mandate!

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See how you use your energy to get what you want. Discover your personal energy profile here…

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