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You want what?

By: Bob Picha

Consider the following…

All people who are paid to work… have one thing in common. They are all paid to solve problems and get things done. When you can solve problems and get things done, you are worth gold to your employer or your customers.

There is a new Gold Standard developing around the world, the new standard is World Class Skills. You can now trade your World Class Skills around the world in exchange for gold or money. Problem solving skills are at the top of the list for World Class Skills in demand. Your market worth is tied to your ability to solve problems. In general, the more difficult the problem or the more complex the problem you solve the higher your market value. So investing in the development of World Class Skills is really increasing your market value.

GETTING RID OF THE FLIES – The Process of Skills Identification

Analyzing your experiences through the skills identification process is like casting a net through your past to capture and analyze the nature of your problem solving ability.

Whether you use a net with a fine or course weave in identifying your skills, the process is a matter of your own judgment and purpose.

The general purpose is to discover your unique abilities… your problem-solving abilities – in an effective way. Your value to others is basically a matter of how you can help meet their needs. Also, a by-product of skills identification is discovering what you need to learn.

You can identify the many parts of the general skill by breaking it down. You can reveal many sub-skills, each of which is distinct, has a unique value and can be combined with other sub-skills for even more problem solving ability.

As an example; Management is a general skill. It consists of many parts or sub-skills, such as; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In addition, each of these sub-skills can be further refined. For instance; leading can involve coaching, listening, communicating, and monitoring. Communicating can be further broken down into writing reports and memos, writing instructions, and holding meetings.

Durring process of skills identification, it is not necessary to have used the skill continuously or intensely in order to legitimately claim that you have it.

Consider the example of bicycle riding… Many people say they can ride a bicycle. They site stories of riding bicycle for pleasure and transportation. However, if you ask them to ride a bicycle in an obstacle course, they may not be up to the task without getting painful bruises.

On the other hand if you have had a little practice at riding and can keep your balance, it is not necessary for you to have completed a cross-country race to indicate that you can, in fact, ride a bicycle.

Some job specifications are written asking for the most advanced demonstration of a skill when, all that is needed is a basic proven “ability to get around on a bicycle.”

Jobs are often described in absurdities such as, “We want a Fly Swatter with experience. Not only that, she must be a left handed Fly Swatter, who has 6 months experience with Acme fly swatters with #5 gage wire mesh. She must be able to show that she has swatted bluebottle flies on Tuesdays in the swamps of the Florida Everglades during a full moon.”

It would be simpler if someone just said, “Can you help us get rid of the flies around here?”

So, how would you get rid of the flies?

By describing and demonstrating your problem solving ability you can choose your future more effectively, and improve your market value.

In your search for …        

Most people think they know what they are good at, but they are usually unsure when they have to explain it. More often, people know what they are not good at, but miss the mark here as well. You need to know your strengths to perform effectively. Start here with an article about your Greatest Personal Asset (GPA).





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