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Your Greatest Personal Asset

By Bob Picha

Individuals are increasingly worried about their net worth, in what has become very challenging economic times. This is perfectly understandable, but a bit short-sighted.

Instead of solely focusing on the state of the current economy, try taking a closer look at yourself. Start by identifying your Greatest Personal Asset.

Your Greatest Personal Asset (GPA) consists of the specific skills you possesses that are of value to others, along with your workstyle energies… how you deliver these skills.

These things are what allowed you to produce financial assets in the in the past. They are also among the few things that you can control and rely on to continue to make money. It may require you to change jobs, change careers, or start a new business to do so.

What is YOUR Greatest Personal Asset? What is it about you that allows you to create value for someone else? What value do you create that you can exchange for money (income)? Think about it.

CONSIDER THIS: Everyone who is paid to work has something in common… from the lowest paid to the highest.

The thing that all working people have in common is that they are all paid to solve problems and get results. As the problems get bigger and more complicated, people get paid more to solve them. In fact, the highest paid people seem to accomplish much more with less effort.

People solve problems in different ways. Those who are solving more problems with less effort are using their Greatest Personal Asset to solve them. It’s naturally less effort when you are using your Greatest Personal Asset (GPA) and your natural workstyle energies to solve problems.

When using your GPA you are using less energy to accomplish more. Your achievements are effortless or subconscious because personal assets are innate.

Once you understand your GPA, you can utilize your natural workstyle energies to solve problems with minimum effort. There are four primary workstyle energies, each with a counter-style. They are as follows:

  1. Some people go after results in an active, high energy, direct way… others are more organized and controlled at a lower energy level.
  2. Some people get results by influencing others in a high energy, outgoing way… others influence in a lower energy, logical, and factual way.
  3. Some people get results by concentrating a lower energy level in completing a single task… others use their higher energy level in spreading their energy among many tasks.
  4. Some people concentrate a lower energy level in high precision, high detail, high accuracy tasks… while others spread higher energy in a free-lance, no boundaries way.

An individual’s natural energy profile is made up of their specific use of these four workstyle energies.

Using your NATURAL ENERGY PROFILE, another way of accomplishing more with less effort is determining what things you do that are NOT naturally motivated… and do LESS of them.

There are two reasons for this. First, it requires more energy (effort) to do things that are not your nature and you are not motivated to do. Second, everything you do requires time and energy. It makes sense to spend time and energy on more of the things that are your nature… your natural workstyle.

When faced with more complicated problems, like being your own boss (running your own business), you can team up with people who have complimentary GPA’s. For instance; if your GPA indicates a motivation to get immediate results, you might team up with someone who is motivated to get the details right. The combination will get higher quality results faster.



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