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The staff of PsychoGraphics corporation has been working with business and industry (private sector) for twenty-six years determining human resource:

  • Status and needs.
  • Screening, selection, and placement.
  • Productivity analysis.
  • Training needs analysis and programming.
  • Attitude development with government, education, and private sector employees.
  • Performance appraisal.
  • Job evaluation.
  • Team building.
  • Personal and career counseling and motivation.

We continue to function in these areas nationally providing tools and techniques for personal and organizational growth.

After a decade of group and individual counseling of people seeking job opportunities and fulfillment, and training thousands of consultants in the use of its techniques, the staff of PsychoGraphics Corporation  developed and implemented a microcomputer/consultant assisted process called C.H.I.P.S. (Computerized Help for Individuals Planning for Success), which has been available on the internet since 1996.

The uniqueness of the product lies in its assessment component. The initial phase, which is the most crucial for establishing a motivational environment for the client, is based on computer interaction for the determination of WORKSTYLE and a computerized job sort for compatibility of job WORKSTYLE with WORKSTYLE of the individual.

Since assessment and understanding of WORKSTYLE is not a function of intelligence, ability, race, age, sex, religion, or any other potential bias, it has been used with a broad cross-section of populations. This understanding of WORKSTYLE has also enhanced job seeking and job survival skills.

The simplified use of internet access by the client has contributed significantly to the motivational environment of the client, as well as allowing the human resource specialist/consultant, or manager to concentrate on the counseling agenda rather that the mechanics of paper work and computation. The online results
are available immediately. 

During the '70s and '80s, The PGC staff and consultant network had been identifying and profiling the very best people at what they do...their workstyles. A data base of over 700 jobs and the profiles of the most successful people in these jobs have been collected and computerized, so that any individual can match their workstyle profile with the best (most successful) profiles.

From 1990 to the present, the PGC has been working with world-class organizations who hire and train personnel  to be world-class knowledge workers capable of competing with the best in the world.

PGC will continually update the data base to include world class skills and proficiency levels in the following sectors of the economy.

  • Manufacturing
  • Computers
  • Telecommunications
  • Service
    • Marketing
    • Information
    • Finance
    • Education
    • Health
  • Energy
  • Transportation


Psychographics Corporation
3225 McLeod Drive
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89121


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