"What a Piece of Work is Man!
How Noble in Reason! How Infinite in Faculties!"

William Shakespeare

Beyond Persuation To The Power Of Inducement

7 Fundementals of Human Behavior

Seeing behavior through the lens of energy

“Personal Energy and the Ideal Team”
It would be easier for us if people were all one way or another.

Are You Normal?

An Ideal Society - Career Freedom

The key to living well

Being in the “Zone”

Getting rid of the flies

Is it valid?

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Bob Picha has been a consultant to business, education, and government for forty years. His consulting company is Ideas At Work. His specialty is improving individual and organizational performance and his clients, numbering in the hundreds, have included IBM, AT&T, McDonald’s, and Lake County Technology Campus.

Half of this time was spent in the food service industry with flagship clients like McDonald’s where he developed a national productivity model, a systems approach to productivity. It was at McDonald’s where Mr. Picha developed an appreciation and passion for the systems approaches that drive high quality standards in product, service, cleanliness, and value. The most impressive aspect of this work was the fact that the primary energy came from large numbers of part-time high school workers who displayed enormous capacity for achievement.

Aligned with his work with high performance organizations and world class skills, in 1980 Mr. Picha founded PychoGraphics Corporation, with a focus of developing software programs for career assessment for students and employees. The software integrated the knowledge of high performance skill requirements with individual strengths. As an early adopter to the internet, this process became available on the internet in 1995.

In addition to his consulting work, Mr. Picha founded Progressive Learning Concepts, a non-profit company, to advance accelerated learning techniques. He also served as a director of the Classroom of the Future Master Foundation, a collaboration with AT&T, to advance education through the use of leading edge technology. His latest work is an effort to establish an internet forum for information resources on world-class skills. He is working with a network of several hundred business and educational consultants advancing processes for high performance organizations. He has developed five national networks of business and educational consultants.

Since 1995, Mr. Picha has reached individuals and organizations with online assessments revealing how and why people do what they do. This information allows a person to identify their Greatest Personal Asset and apply it for greater results with less effort. This work produced the development the “7 Fundamental Principles of Human Behavior” and “The Human Energy Model” which expands on the law of least effort.

Mr. Picha has recently authored two ebooks of the Human Energy Model Trilogy….Career Freedom and Chill.


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