"What a Piece of Work is Man!
How Noble in Reason! How Infinite in Faculties!"

William Shakespeare

Beyond Persuation To The Power Of Inducement

7 Fundementals of Human Behavior

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It would be easier for us if people were all one way or another.

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Understanding human nature better… how and why people do what they do.

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Knowing your strengths is no longer a suggestion, it is a mandate!

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Are you losing control of your time, energy and money every day because you don’t understand human nature…why and how you do what you do… why and how other people do what they do?

You are either in control of the forces of human nature or reacting to them.

Consider this…

When do you think this was this written?


This is an age of rush and precision. Every person in practical life, of whatever kind of occupation, must become as expert as possible in order to succeed. Few people work in the best advantage, simply because they did not start in the right branch of mental or physical industry. They did not know, without experience, what occupation to choose, and life is not long enough to try very many experiments of learning a trade or profession. There are almost innumerable arts, sciences, trades and professions, but to become an expert in even one of them requires natural aptitude for it, and that necessitates a right choice. That right choice is seldom easily made and may not be successful even then, simply because the person does not more fully understand his or her own peculiarities of character, temperament, constitutional strength, and natural qualities.

The answer is 100 years ago. Not much has changed in 100 years. The demands of rush and precision have even accelerated in this NOW generation, but something new has been added. The necessity for multi-tasking has been added to the stress of our system, our sense of control. Some people have natural energy for multi-tasking, most people don’t.

All of these demands raise the question.

Are you in control or reacting to other forces on a daily basis?

This PsychoGraphics site focuses on the forces of human nature and the examination of human behavior through the lens of human energy.

Consider these forces. The majority of success of the American economy is based on consumption….the consumer….you. Sophisticated techniques have been developed in the fields of persuasion, influence, marketing, and inducement. You are being persuaded to buy or do things on a daily basis. In order for you to maintain any sense of control, the playing field must be leveled. You need the same knowledge of human nature. That’s what PsychoGraphics and this site are about.

What’s most important to know?

PsychoGraphics offers “7 Fundamentals of Human Behavior”. It considers these two the most critical.

[If I understand you better than you understand me, I can, if I choose, control our conversation.]

[If I understand you better than you understand yourself, I can, if I choose, control you.]

Understanding yourself is no longer a suggestion, it is a mandate!



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